Noot Noot Caught Cheating: The End Journey

Noot Noot Caught Cheating: The End Journey

One of the players on team Noot Noot caught cheating during the North America VCT Game Changers Series 3. They get caught even the event still going on. Let us look into what took place.

Noot Noot Caught Cheating: Forfeitting the Match: Riot’s Anti-Cheat Makes People Look Up

Noot Noot got in trouble when Riot’s Anti-Cheat found that one of their players was cheating during a very important match against Complexity GX3. This led to a competitive decision against Noot Noot, which meant they had to give up the match.

Noot Noot Caught Cheating: Notice on Twitter and an Investigation

It was formally announced on the Valorant NA Twitter account that Noot Noot was suspected of cheating, saying that he hurt the match’s competitive integrity. The Game Changers Rules and Regulations say that teams that break these rules will lose the match. Riot also said that they would be looking into the situation in depth.

Disqualification, Two-Hour Drama, and a Tied Series

The score was tied at 1-1 between the two teams before the decision. But just as the third map was about to start, the show took an unplanned two-hour break to show Noot Noot his loss. This not only gave the win to Complexity GX3, but it also kicked Noot Noot out of the whole competition.

Noot Noot Caught Cheating: There are questions about past results.

Noot Noot’s path to the event began with an open qualifier. They had to fight their way through the lower bracket to get a spot. At the top level, they beat Disguised GC, but at the bottom level, Evil Geniuses GC beat them and eliminated them. The team’s disqualification makes people wonder if their past results were really valid.

Player Charged: Malibu in the News

Riot didn’t say which person that involve. But it turn out to be malibu from Noot Noot who accuse of cheating and caught by Riot’s Anti-Cheat.

Noot Noot Caught Cheating: The answer from Noot Noot was confusion and disappointment.

Noot Noot upset and wrote on Twitter, “Unfortunately our Game Changer Series 3 run ends as we have been disqualified by Riot.” While we wait for more details, we don’t know why this happened. “I met Malibu literally two weeks before Game Changers Series 3, and they never once seemed like they were cheating,” said player xann in defence of Malibu.

The End: The Fallout

Noot Noot’s removal for cheating in VCT Game Changers Series 3 was a surprise turn of events. People who play competitive Valorant worrie about the tournament’s fairness. And Noot Noot’s image while Riot looks into the matter. The event serves as a lesson of how important fair play is. Also how steps taken to protect the competitive AGENGACOR  spirit of video games.